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Welcome to Downs Electrical Constructors, Inc.

Who We Are

Downs Electrical Constructors, Inc. was founded in March 1980 by President and C.E.O., Ira Downs. The goal in 1980 was to form a company that specialized in electrical installations for industrial and health care facilities. With over 300 years of combined experience, the management and supervisory team continue to meet and exceed the customer’s needs which have made Downs Electrical Constructors, Inc. one of the nations leading electrical contractors.

From its inception Downs has established the following:

  • A staff with over 300 years of experience in the health care field, more that 90 years experience in industrial construction and 30 years of experience in government contracting with the US Army, Air Force and Navy. Industrial experience includes glass, compressor, copier battery, chemical, CD Production and Distribution Facilities.
  • State of the art electronic equipment and software for estimating and job costing.
  • Accounting, cost accounting, job cost control for material and labor production tracking.
  • A quality assurance program administered by all individuals throughout the company’s operations.
  • A comprehensive company procedure and policy manual covering all facets of operation and compliance.
  • Successfully completed in excess of three hundred million dollars of work in place throughout the United States to date.
  • Registered and licensed to operate in twenty-three states.

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Our Mission

Downs Electrical Constructors, Inc. began in 1980 with a sole purpose of serving customers through a team concept construction program. We are determined to become the best in our field by providing excellent service, performance and people. From the beginning, we realized the only way to achieve this was through a total commitment to quality.

Defining this commitment became relatively simple, since we knew that we wanted to do was simply provide the best service available to our customer.

  • Deliver Excellent Service
  • Improve Our Performance
  • Develop Excellene In Our People

With these goals as our guide, we began the development and implementation of a quality assurance program tailored to the construction of our customer’s facilities. Designed as a training manual for new personnel and as an extension of the project specification, this program strives to insure a quality installation, from document control to final project delivery. We have been very pleased with the results of this program and the effect it has on the quality of our work.

Client satisfaction is the benchmark of success in our trade. We believe this satisfaction is the benchmark of success for our trade. We believe this satisfaction and future depends on our continued dedication to our mission statement.

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Safety First

At Downs Electrical Constructors, Inc., we are committed to provide a safe working environment for our employees. We have developed an extensive safety program both to meet this commitment and to comply with federal, state, local and customer safety health regulations.

Safety is a part of every project we do. Our managers, engineers, and superintendents plan each job with safety in mind. Threats to safety are anticipated and resolved before the job begins. We also review and incorporate the customer’s safety program into ours so that the customer can be confident that we have satisfied all safety concerns specific to their project.

Below you will find our safety policy and procedure guidelines we follow. Any questions about the following are welcomed via e-mail or at 615-256-7414 .

Downs Electrical Accident and Safety Standards


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